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What is a Facebook Pixel?

Have you ever visited a website like Amazon or Walmart and then it seems to follow you around showing you ads?

Say you’re looking for some new headphones on Amazon and click on a few to get a better look at them. After you leave the site, everywhere you go online you see Amazon ads with the same headphones you looked at.

These ads are following you around because the websites you are visiting have a small piece of code installed inside them called a “Facebook Pixel” or “Retargeting Pixel”. Some people might find this annoying, but the fact is retargeting pixels are proven to dramatically increase new leads and sales to any business.

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Why is that?

It generally takes 5 points of contact before you really start to see a lot more sales happen easily. In today’s marketplace, a person has to be constantly reminded of your product or service because they are being bombarded by thousands of other companies for countless other products or offers.

Follow up is a very important part of the sales process in order to stand out in an overcrowded market. If you already have a Facebook pixel set up on your site that’s great and you are WAY ahead of a lot of your competition. But if you’re reading this then chances are you don’t.

That’s ok – this is a massive opportunity! Right now you are losing potential sales and leads because you don’t have one on your website. You’ve no doubt spent a lot of time and/or money advertising to get people to come to your website. But the vast majority of visitors are leaving without taking any action.

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So what is your opportunity and solution?

When you install a retargeting pixel on your site every single visitor can be constantly reminded about your business in the form of retargeting advertisements. Your business can now follow your website visitors around the internet the same way all the other big companies in the world do. They’ll see your business when they are watching videos on Youtube, checking Facebook, Instagram or other social media account, reading news online, or almost anywhere else on the internet. This helps you to easily reach your 5 points of contact and get more leads and sales!

A retargeting pixel can be set up in minutes and starts working instantly. It does not require any extra work on your part and is completely automated.

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