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Why Email Marketing?

Email has continually resulted in one of the highest return on investments that you can get when it comes to marketing. High quality email campaigns can consistently provide recurring sales and customers for months (or years for some products or services).

There is a lot that goes into creating a successful email campaign. There are certain laws that must be followed to prevent legal issues. You must also be careful so that you don’t cause more harm than good by getting labeled as a spammer.

If you know how to avoid those issues then email is a very effective sales channel to add to your marketing strategy. Let us help you develop a plan to turn more website visitors into customers!

email marketing

Benefits of Email Marketing

Increased sales

Emails provide a great way to offer up-sells and increase your average value per customer dramatically!

Better open and click through rates

1000 emails are no good if 1000 people don’t open them. Our email campaigns consistently see higher than average open rates and click through rates.

Personalized communication

Email allows you to reach customers on a very personal level. This helps people feel more comfortable spending money with your company because they feel personally connected to you.

More repeat customers

Do you have a new product or service to introduce? We can help you reach one of your greatest audiences – people who have already purchased from you!

I have struggled with trying to get my site on the first page of Google for a long time. I just knew that if I could get listed there then I would get more customers who were searching for Italian food in our city. Instead, the only places people found when they were looking for a good Italian restaurant were the big name franchises who had tons of money to spend on advertising. Julian looked at what we were doing and helped me come up with a plan to get higher in the search results and then they went to work. I started seeing results within a few days and was amazed that in just a few weeks I was listed in a couple of places on the first page above some of the major competitors.
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Lisa A
It is always a pleasure working with these guys to create marketing plans for my company. They really know their stuff!
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Georgia M
I own a small parts repair service in Florence. We serve a 3 county area, so we stay pretty busy. One of my customers about a year ago had pointed out to me that there were some really awful reviews about us on a few sites. I had no idea they were there! These reviews and comments were from people who we had no record in our systems of doing work for. I just knew they were created by a competitor not far away. These fake reviews were really hurting our business, so I decided to get some help to get rid of them. I contacted the folks over at Swamp Fox Consulting and they suggested their online reputation management service to help get rid of negative reviews. They came up with a plan to help us and we got to work right away. They seemed to understand exactly what had happened and how to repair the damage. So, here we are 4 months later, and the damage has pretty much been replaced with positive comments and reviews….. These guys are pretty sharp!!
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Johnny H

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