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Content Marketing Services

Facebook / Instagram Posts

Social media networks allow you to create highly targeted campaigns using creative images, short videos, and text to reach your audience better

Youtube Integration

Youtube can be one of the highest sources of traffic to any website. It is easier to rank a video there and this is a great addition to any marketing plan

Community Reviews

Communities provide a great place for people to provide recommendations for your business to their friends and others. Recommendations from other people are some of the best forms of advertising you can have

Blog Posts

Blog posts help your website get more traffic from customers who might be searching for more specific or niche-related products or services. They are a great way to reach more targeted audiences

Niche websites

Niche pages provide a way to encourage customers who come there to purchase your product or service by marketing to their highly specific interests. They are also generally much easier to rank by targeting specific keywords

Mass Media Publications

This outlet is much more expensive but is still a very good way to reach a broad audience who might be interested in a range of goods or services. It is less targeted but still very effective for certain markets.

Content Marketing Goals

Increase Brand Recognition

Producing useful content on a regular basis helps transform your business into an expert in the minds of your potential and existing customers. As your brand increases, your customers will act as brand advocates for your company.

pay per click

Increase Sales

Engage with customers to let them know about new products or services. Let them know about special offers or promotions. You can also use content marketing to show benefits of specific products or services.

Increase Return On Ad Spend

Get a more detailed view of exactly which sources are driving the most traffic to your website that is converting to sales. A good content marketing plan will monitor each source and focus on the ones that are performing the best.

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